The Deleter (pixelsofdeath) wrote,
The Deleter

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new side project

im starting a side project involving noise and guitars with pedals and anyone who wants to make live noise with
it is call
Laundry Machine Death
i will perform songs from othe rpojects and make new ones wit more aloof/out there lyrics
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Sounds cool. Hey, is it alright if I add you to my "friends list" so I can keep up on your Acidplanet updates?
in fact ia m gonna listen to some of your musics right now..
I noticed you reside in Oregon. I was born in LaGrande, but moved to the east coast when I was only 3 months old. I have some friends who live near the Portland area (a town called Milwaukie), but haven't been back in a few years.

Thanks for the reviews! I'll get around to reviewing some of your material soon.
Son of a bitch! That's my dream casting call!!! Why oh why do you have to be so far?
its hard to find many people into experimetnal music, you only fidn them online... do you have an acidplanet account or some other music site whre i can hear your musics?